Welcome! Vape Station is located at 2245 Kennedy rd. in Scarborough, Ontario. We take pride in servicing not only Toronto and the GTA but Canada wide through our online shop. Our convenient location is a block north of the 401 which will have you in and out with satisfaction guaranteed! With the constant evolution of vaping and e-juice we fill the void with vape products for every vaper's needs. From sub ohm capable tanks and vape devices to a wide range of e-juice we have all bases covered for your vaping needs.

Our mission as a vape distributor revolves around convenience. Our name says it all, we are your station for everything vape related. From e-juice and cannabis concentrate devices to vaping diy, refillable tanks and pods. We aim to be the vape shop that has all bases covered. With everything that changed our world due to Covid-19 and the pandemic, we understand that convenience is top priority. We want you to be satisfied whether you come into our vape shop or order from our online vape shop. Rest easy knowing your vape needs are not only taken care of but dealt with a sense of urgency, smoking session only works if you have a steady supply. We will be your source, we will be your Vape Station!

Oftentimes when navigating an online shop or even in person at a vape shop, you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the selection. Three different types of the same Mango E-juice is a bit excessive and can lead to you possibly picking up the wrong E-juice for you. Our solution? We carefully pick and choose which E-juice lines our vape shop caries. We want you to feel confident in your choice and leave knowing exactly what you’re getting from your E-juice. Why have three different Mango flavored E-juice when one truly GREAT Mango E-juice will leave you satisfied? 

This is our logic, we offer all of the different flavor profiles; from savory to fruity e-juice, from tobacco flavor e-juice to medley flavors. We remember being in shops before we had ours and being bogged down with the long lists of available e-juice and staff that couldn’t keep up with the influx of e-juice and therefore could not provide a definitive description. With that many e-juice options the greats may be missed. So we made it our mission to not only keep our selection simple and of quality but that our staff has a great understanding of each e-juice flavor’s profile. We will help you navigate our selection to find your new favourite e-juice. Especially in today's times where guests are not able to test an e-juice before purchase. All the more importance for us to be able to listen and identify what you're looking for in an e-juice. We have trained our staff diligently in customer service so that we are meeting your expectations. Customer service keeps our doors open, feel free to drop in, call, direct message (via social media) or email us with any questions or concerns regarding any e-juice, or devices. We're here to serve you! If you leave happy you'll come back and we can repeat the experience of listening to what you want and offering you the right vape product. We will find the product that meets your needs, if we're lucky it will exceed them.

When it comes to vape devices, we do everything we can to deliver your needs. Especially for those first time vapers, we understand how important it is that we outfit you with a device that meets your needs because we want you to remain vaping! The first time vaper is in a fragile state, often on the fence between the worth of vaping or continuing on a downward spiral with cigarettes. We have a great and simple selection for devices from all-in-one, disposable, integral or external battery, pod devices, refillable pod devices etc. With many methods of e-juice delivery, it is our job to assess your needs and offer a device that will actually succeed in your smoke cessation goals. This is exactly the service we will provide you at Vape Station.

Ultimately, we would love to make a million dollars but your needs and vaping satisfaction mean more to us than any monetary gain. Helping YOU is our top priority, all of the team here at Vape Station have been in your shoes, we aim to help you get you the E-juice and vape device that fits your desire. Our mission is you and helping you begin and maintain your new healthier vape lifestyle. Choose us and we choose you at Vape Station. Our About is all about you!