Envi Boost Disposable Vape Canada Product Review

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The new envy of disposables is the Envi Boost disposable vape pen from Envi vape. Yes we said it, 1500 puffs! Everything about this unit has taken an innovative roll on their 800 puff predecessor. We'll vape and tell you all about it!

The Envi Boost vape pen is another great vape device added to the growing list (in part by mass popularity) of disposable. We've noticed a huge growth in the disposable vape market, this can be attributed to the technological growth the vaping industry has utilized to give us vapers the best and latest in not only E-juice but vape devices as well.

The innovated Envi Boost disposable vape uses a 900mAh battery coming with 5ml of e-juice capacity, pvc coated design reduces chance of slip, it is very ergonomic and seamless design. One of our favourite features of this disposable vape device aside from battery life is the LED indicator light (either red or blue) found on the bottom of the vape device. It takes up the entire bottom of the unit and gives vapers the feel of true combustion. This is a key feature because it gives off more of a placebo of smoking than many other disposable vape devices on the vape market. Thus a highly recommended starter vape device for those converting from smoking looking for the feel of smoking and even the look of smoking. The size of this device is a bit thicker than conventional disposable vape devices, this is in part due to the battery.

Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen

Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen

The feel of this vape device is top tier in our opinion for the fact it even gave us seasoned vapers the impression of smoking a cigar. The nicotine strengths available are 20mg/ml nic salts or a bar raising 60mg/ml. The step up from 50mg/ml which has become the standard for higher strength  nic salts in disposable vape devices. We feel Envi has made a smart move by increasing max nic strengths up to 60mg/ml for those new vapers needing a higher strength to keep them from potentially reverting to analog - cigarettes. Over all the size and feel of this vape disposable is of quality with the how it stays in the hand, we are able to hold the vape device like a traditional cigar in between the index and middle finger which ultimately gives off a nostalgia of smoking only we are vaping! That’s a win in our books, looks and performance topped off with a cool placebo effect with the indicator light on the bottom of the unit.

Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen

Let’s talk E-juice, as mentioned above each Envi Boost disposable vape is available in either 20mg or 60mg. After vaping both, we can confirm that nic levels are where they should be. Envi Vape has released a plethora of E-Juice flavors, for the most part in a wide variety of fruit flavors some of which are iced (cooling sensation) and a strategic mix of fruit-medley, two-note flavors (ie/ Strawberry-Kiwi) and well-rounded single note E-juice flavors. Safe to say there is likely at least 2 flavors for every vapor’s all-day vape repertoire. A large E-juice selection keeps things interesting especially among the new vapers, never tried lychee before? Why not indulge and vape the flavor, and if you love it you’re grand, if it is not your pod of E-juice then figure why Banana ice is being raved about from all your new vaping friends. The list goes on with over 10 E-juice flavors and counting, there really isn’t a reason to test them all and find what is you E-juice of choice.

Over all this unit has really impressed not only us but more importantly our vape fam, we encourage you to give it a try. The Envi Boost has capitalized on many aspects other companies fall short on. From Flavor profile, dexterity to extended battery life. The Envi Boost disposable vape has set the bar for quality disposable vape devices. We are excited to see what this company will bless the vape industry with next!

How to Purchase your Envi Boost Disposable Vape Pen from Vape Station

Don’t take our word for it, visit us at our shop or shop with ease online and take advantage of our free Canadian shipping on orders over 49.00. That’s a bunch of Envi Boosts!

Until next time vape fam, please be safe and follow all safety guidelines imposed by our government officials in this pandemic so we can all open our doors and get back to life as we once knew it.

Disposable Vapes Envi Boost

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