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A big hello and hope you're safe and doing well vape fam. 

We are extremely happy to say the doors at Vape Station are once again open for business. Feel free to drop by and visit us to get your favourite E-juice and Vape devices and vape accessories! Ok, that was the good news. We find ourselves once again under threat, no not of shutdown as of yet, no not the pandemic implications, but threats again from our very own government. 

That's right, the government is back on their tirade of a mission to ban flavoured E-juice in the land of the true north strong and free. To many vapers and industry you are familiar with these threats and we are here to reiterate that yes these threats are very real and we could very well end up with a flavour ban unless affirmative action is taken. Action not just from E-juice companies, Vape device manufacturer and Vape shops but we need YOU as vapers, as vape fam, as vape nation to put in a little leg work to notify our elected officials that we do hear the talks that threaten the very backbone of smoking cessation.. Our industry.

Flavors Save Lives

Here is a little exercise, close your eyes and cover them with your hands. What do you see? This is exactly how the vape industry will look if a flavour ban passes, scary isn't it? The fact remains, if every vape shop is limited to selling flavourless E-juice what separates vape shops apart? What will keep Vape shops open?

So what can you do as a vaper? Your voice is much more powerful than you may have been led to believe. We are calling our vape fam as well as any Canadian who vapes or believes in the plethora of research that has been led and challenged by great minds all over the world to exercise their rights to refute the government's proposal of a nationwide E-juice flavour ban. Who would have thought PG/VG, liquid/salt nicotine and flavor extracts could cause such an uproar. We are calling you to action, helping us in our mission to spread awareness to vapers nationwide that vaping as we know it is in jeopardy. They're a multitude of actions you can take to bring awareness to our cause. As the CVA (Canadian Vape Association) put it

"Ramp up our calls and targeted emails to Mp's, the health minister, the prime minister including staff."


You can blog your thoughts or post concerns via social media, email or call your elected officials and express your frustrations with the idea of this bill with regard to an E-juice flavour ban. The CVA is an organization we are proud to be a part of and rest assured we are all putting motions in the works to fight for our vape culture. Therefore the work you put in to spread awareness, to express your emotions to elected officials, every voice is needed in this war on E-juice flavouring. We will be doing everything we can to educate as well as update our vape fam every step of the way.

It has become imperative that you the consumer, you the vaper let your voice be heard, more often this is best exercised by letters sent to your elected officials. The sharing of information with loved ones, friends, colleagues, everyone in your life, that way we can get the message out: “Vaping is a safer alternative to Tobacco!” Below you will find resources compiled by our Canadian Vape Association, please read and educate yourself so in turn you can educate your community, it is of utmost importance that people who do not vape understand what it is and the risk the government runs by eliminating flavours in E-juice. Please fill out the letter template, please take the survey, please understand your opinion matters and we here at Vape Station hold it in high regard! As well this should be your first course of action, the Tobacco Kills Consumer Campaign.

Tobacco Kills Consumer Campaign

As an industry, a consumer campaign has been launched to petition against the flavour ban. The goal is to achieve 250,000 consumer letters within 60 days. To better achieve this, aiming at minimum 10 submissions a day would be ideal. 

Visit the website www.tobaccokills.ca  

Fill out form (full name, address, selecting your auto generated type of letter that you wish to send to your MP)   

Click “Send Letter” 


Flavors Save Lives


Then most important *SHARE* with your community!  

Rights 4 Vapers Survey - https://www.rights4vapers.com/survey/  - Take this short survey which will be submitted to your local chain over government. It asks how vaping impacts your life and how your life will look should the government ban flavoured E-juice. 

Here is another great resource on vape related research courtesy of CVA (Canadian Vape Association.)  


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