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Welcome to Vape Station, here you will find our thoughts on the latest vape e-juice, vape devices, and vape industry news. We take pride in bringing our guests sincere reviews, and opinions on everything that is vape, from E-juice to dry herb/cannabis, we’ll give you our thoughts and recommendations for vape products that we carry. As well as give you the behind-close-door feedback on what’s coming up in terms of industry regulations, new bills, and where we’re headed as a country. We’ll break it down for you in the following categories:

Vape Products:

Here you’ll find honest reviews on your favorite vape E-juice and devices, upcoming E-juice and devices, stand out categorized E-juice ie... Top Fruit E-juice of the season etc. 


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It’s one thing to read and decipher the articulate description an E-juice vendor provides, we’re here to decode and give a layman’s summary and breakdown of the E-juice. We want to let you know exactly how an E-juice will vape for you right down to the last drop. We’ll also include recommended devices, wattages, even settings we’ve found brings out the best in the E-juice. Our selection of E-juice was brought in to give you our vape fam, limitless options in the E-juice groups; Fruit, Savory, Tobacco, salt nic and free base and more!

We’ve found that vapers sometimes tend to find an E-juice and stick with that. We would like to share with you a new world with endless Vaportunity! We love when our regulars come by or order online, but nothing tops the feeling of helping our vape fam find their NEW favorite E-juice or device. That’s what it’s about, keeping up with the pace of the vape world that is constantly reinventing itself and becoming the new alternative to not only smoking but smoking cessation. Stick by us and we’ll give you a tour of our vast Vape-scape.  

Vape News:

We’d like to dedicate this section to keep you informed on our Vape Shop as well as provide insight to what’s going on in the vape industry. As vapers, it is important that we keep an eye on regulations not only in the province of Ontario but our Country. We care about you too from Toronto to Montreal, Newfoundland to the Yukon, It should be imperative that we all as vapers understand the magnitude of the government’s power to restrict or ban virtually everything we know to be vape. From bans on flavoured E-juice, to propositions being floated around like the implementation of certain Vape devices and banning others. We’d like to keep you well informed and ahead of the curve with regard to anything that we’re hearing in the vape industry. The goal is vape awareness, presented in a simple and easy to grasp fashion. Last thing we want is you to be the last in the know when it comes to any changes in the vape industry regulations and/or vape E-juice and vape devices. We’ll keep our ear to the Vape industry wall, reporting the good and bad to you our most cherished vape fam. 


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General Vape Shop Talks:

Here you’ll find our general thoughts on non conventional but vape related topics. We’ll give you our informal opinions on our world of vape. Especially with regard to how Covid-19 has impacted the vape industry from supply chain of vape devices and material to E-juice vendors. Vape shop talks will serve as an outlet for us to give you our opinions on “what is the best Mango E-juice to us right now,” “Vape Free base or Vape salt nic,” How vaping has impacted our lives. I feel a few origin stories coming as well. This section is just us, a group of dedicated vapers who brought a Vape shop not only to our city of Toronto but a virtual vape shop to service all of our Canadian vape fam. Think of Vape Shop Talks as a comfy couch to relax and read a form of entertainment that revolves around our vape lives and hopefully you can relate! If you would like our opinion on something vape related feel free to dm us via social media @vapestation and we may bring your topic to the shop and…. Well talk about it! From E-juice to vape devices, anything vape related is up for discussion. Maybe a little Vape Q&A? We’ll experiment with a few options, let us know what you think.. For your opinion is as valued as your choice to choose Vape Station as your one stop shop for everything that is vape.

Most important we hope to leave you with a bit more information than when you came to visit us. Informed Vapers, what a wonderful thing! Come visit our store at 2245 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1T 3G8 or feel free to shop online. If you have any questions call us at 416-609-9900.

Vape Products

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