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Welcome Vape Fam to our first official Vape Station Product review! We plan on giving you the real deal today on Allo Vapor's disposable line! To start off WOW, this company came and considerably changed the disposable vape game in our opinion. Traditional disposables (Keeping in mind we've been in the industry almost 8 years) were great in theory however many fell short on the performance. From Battery life and overall mAh power to faint lackluster taste we always utilized disposables as a last ditch resort.... Then along came Allo!

How the Allo Vapor works.

With over 27 well crafted flavors ranging from strong single note E-juice flavors to fabulously innovative E-juice medleys, Allo filled our void with promise to "tantalize our taste buds!" Fully charged and ready to vape right out of box equipped with a 280mAh battery to give you a great vape inhale. They're no buttons to press, simply inhale from the mouth piece and rest assured that every Allo vape disposable device comes standard with over-inhale and short-circuit protection.


Vape Station Allo Spearmint Vape E-Juice Toronto Vape Shop


The physical size of this vape device is very reminiscent of the size of a caliburn, slim build for the vaper with limited pocket space. It fits in the palm or between the fingers extremely well and the vibrant labels help from losing the device... Something I'm sure all of our vape fam can relate to. If that seems too good to be true, just wait.... There's more!

Allo Ultra

Allo has also released their 800 puff option via Allo Ultra, this unit is nearly 3 times as thick however still maintains a palm-friendly hold. The standard of E-juice flavor is carried over to their plus sized Ultra where Allo boasts of a 800 puff lifetime. Our Vape fam has received the Ultra with open lungs, in fact we love telling our vape community - who typically used the standard Allo disposable in the past - of the new Ultra and watching the excitement of there go-to disposable vape device addressing their concerns of: "I wish they held more E-juice."


Vape Station Allo Ultra Vape E-Juice Orange Mango and Honey Due


These units come in two nicotine strengths (20mg/50mg) We've vape tested both and can confirm they both taste accurate in terms of nic strength. Each unit comes with 1.2ml of E-juice. Most of the flavors are available in the standard -yet high quality- single note flavor or the iced version. Personally we think Allo Vapor nailed the iced versions, as well as the almost limitless options of E-juice flavours. C'mon 27 E-juice flavors!?!


Vape Station Allo Ultra Strawberry Vape E-Juice Toronto


Allo has an E-juice for everyone, Come on by to Vape Station to pick up either the standard Allo disposable vape device or step it all the way up and vape the Ultra 800 puff vape device! All Vapor guarantees  "smooth and flavorful draws with ease." You know what Vape fam? We stand behind that, Allo's disposables for the win! Our overall impression of these two vape devices has been nothing but positive, the only real constructive criticism we had was the E-juice flavors hit so well it was a shame when it was time to dispose of the disposable. This was swiftly handled with the release of the Ultra 800 puff alternative. What else can we say? Allo really took care of their E-juice flavours and knocked it out of the park. We recommend for every vaper, from the beginner to expert vaper, these sleek vape devices pack some serious flavor and are quite user friendly. Match that with the safety parameters and we have a device that checks all of our boxes.

In conclusion, Allo Vapor has left a positive impression on us. We are definitely a fan of their disposable vape devices, both the standard size and the Ultra. We're hoping to see what an Ultra 1600 looks like! Come by our shop and ask us how we feel about the Allo standard and Ultra, we'll likely look like a  kid on Christmas day. We'd love to give you our thoughts in person and express the incredible price point we have on these devices.


Vape Station Allo Fuji Apple Ice Vape Juice Toronto Vape Shop


Covid have you down? Visit us online to check our stock levels and available E-Juice flavors on this immaculate disposable powerhouse of a vape device. Then have us ship straight to your door!

Come visit our store at 2245 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1T 3G8 or feel free to shop online. If you have any questions call us at 416-609-9900.

~ Thank you Vape fam for stopping by today, see you soon!

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