Uwell Caliburn G Pod Vape System Review

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Welcome back Vape Station Vape fam! We hope all is well and safe with you and yours in these times. Let's jump right into this week's review, and it is only right that we touch upon the brand new, bar raising, make-me-want-to-chain-vape excellence that is... The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Vape System! (Applause)

Welp, if you've been vaping under a rock the past year or so, you may have missed that the original Caliburn definitively set the bar for open pod vape systems. The ease of use; either mouth to lung or direct to lung - simply put the mouthpiece to your mouth and inhale for those looking for a more 'traditional 'inhale or press the fire button to enjoy your favourite E-juice. The original Caliburn was one of the few vape pod systems that came with two replacement pods, and their slim ergonomic design made it a pleasure to hold between fingers providing a similar feel and inhale for vapers. battery life was fair, but there was just something about how juice is vaped with this device that made us believers... Believers that a Vape pod system can actually hold its weight against vape devices like the Smok RPM.

Then it happened.....

Uwell Caliburn vape pen in blue, grey and red at vape station vape shop in Toronto 

The Caliburn G Pod System came in like  a wrecking ball, compounding on the value we placed in the original replacing it with vape complacency in the fact that - Uwell will likely never stop improving their Vape devices! From the new design to the option to replace pod and coil separately.. Uwell really put thought and effort into the improvements of this device.

The Caliburn G is 15w (up from the 11w original), 0.8ohm Mesh coils, magnetic pod connection are all improvements from the previous series however it is the appearance upgrade and option to change out the coil or pod that are stand out features of the Caliburn G. One of our noticeable upgraded features on this vape device is the mouthpiece. We had a love/hate with the original version because it was a piece of very malleable plastic. Yes, it was meant to be disposed of once the pod burnt out, but it felt as if it diminished the quality even if in the slightest. The Caliburn G has addressed this and restored itself with a polished hard plastic that gives this vape device the sheen that matches it's performance. Sleek! 

Uwell Caliburn G Parts 

Uwell Caliburn G vape pen showing all parts

The body of this vape device has also seen major upgrades, from a smooth almost matte surface to an appealing grooved body which enhances the quality and feel to the next level. Uwell carried out the rigide lines found on the side of the OG version to wrap the upgraded G model, this unit just feels more 'complete.' Especially when it comes to the mouthpiece - a solid hard plastic rather than the 'cost effective' feel of the original mouthpiece. Now we understand this was likely for ease of access to top fill on the original pods. But we have to say we are relieved that Uwell decided to take on the mark of AIO (all in one) vape device for the Caliburn G, it feels of better quality, something we can take pride in the aesthetic as well as the performance which in our opinion has been progressively innovated on.

 The firing button is a tad larger for our bigger thumbed Vape fam, the led indicator light is now integrated into the logo at the bottom. Slight changes that show Uwell is continually trying to improve upon their vape devices and it is blowing us away! The battery stepped up from a conservative 520mAh to a confident power of 690mAh, so bigger wattage, better battery, less charging! Tighter airflow gives a nice throat hit, compound this with the warm vape we have become used to with the original caliburn vape device and we have a new winner!

A common issue we've ran into ourselves as well as brought up by you our vape fam; pod leakedge! This seems to be an issue of the past, we have experienced little to no leakage using the Caliburn G, Uwell must have heard the far cries concerning leaky pods and may have been the motivation for the new pod with replaceable coils. This vape device really stepped it up and we are vaping with big smiles; a toast to the mass improvements to the Caliburn.

All in all the Caliburn G touches on virtually all of the minor downfalls of its predecessor, both are a great step in the right direction, especially with rumors looming of legislation that all tanks must be child proof.. Caliburn G and AIOs in general may be taking on a more significant role in the industry than they already have.. We are excited for the future yet vaping this Caliburn G is a gift for the present.

Don't get us wrong, both units are still top tier when it comes to Pod Vape Devices but the question remains; will you keep it OG or step it up and keep it G?!?

Come visit our vape shop in Toronto

Either way Caliburn delivers consistent quality and continues to be a Vape Station Vape fam favourite. Stop by our shop and we'll give you a run down on this fantastic upgrade and help you pair up some great E-juice! Thank you all for dropping in today. We hope our feedback helps you in your future Vape Device aspirations.. The Holidays are coming! If you're not able to come by our shop in Toronto feel free to order online and we will ship it you!

Caliburn Caliburn G Uwell Vape Pen

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